we create sustainable relations
between brands and its audiences

WE Learn where the brands audience is headed and how we can meet them

these insights become opportunities

opportunities becomes ideas

ideas are engineered to reality

and integrated across multiple digital touchpoints

Thampy Digital Locations - Dubai, UAE | London, United Kingdom | Cochin, India

digital brand strategy

We offer strategic thinking for our clients, where they are in their business today, where we think they could get into, and how we could develop digital platform which take them to the new future.

Because we make everything, our strategists are in the production process and research is the beginning and end of our process. We listen, learn, strategize, and then optimise.

integrated campaigns

We do not beleive that a campaign is a television spot, a print ad or a radio commercial. Its much more than that. There are few agencies that can create integrated campaigns that live across multiple channels. And there are even fewer that approach campaigns as we do.

It’s an approach that leads to consistent, truly integrated campaigns and brand experiences that consumers want to share and engage.

digital advertising

Banners and other forms of online advertising are an important means of getting your message out. We’re constantly looking for new ways to make interacting with a digital ad worth a consumer’s time.

We think data is essential to accomplishing this, whether optimizing a campaign long term to make it more relevant to an audience or using adaptive media to change visuals and messaging on the fly.

social media

Our Social Platforms group tracks trends in technology and consumer behavior to identify opportunities for clients. We place a special focus on social media and digital product innovation, and we’re always on the lookout for new ways to connect consumers and brands.

online marketing

We integrate online marketing with the creative process. Our connection planners work alongside strategic planners and creatives to create marketing plans that seamlessly combine channels and engagements.

Unlike stand-alone marketing teams who focus mostly on outbound paid media, our connection planners design solutions for brand awareness, customer acquisition, social media, and opt-in engagements.


The most important means of communication for much of the planet, mobile is the biggest opportunity of the digital age.

Our Mobile group looks beyond messaging to create rich experiences, sites, native applications, and integrated digital solution that can help your brand provide real value.


We create web systems that help our clients achieve global reach. We build frameworks that provide consistent information and functionality across regions but are flexible enough to allow for regional variations in language and custom. The result is increased efficiency and ROI.

applications & platforms

We've learned that a branded application that provides utility can be the single most powerful way of engaging customers. As applications become more a part of the fabric of daily life, we are dedicated to finding new ways of leveraging them for our clients - always with the user experience in mind.

digital out of home experience

The digital world has transformed the way we shop. We focus on enhancing the shopping experience in clients' retail locations by using innovative mobile, signage, and touchscreen technologies to create fully integrated stores. We approach each assignment with every aspect of the retail experience in mind.